Research Interests:
Metamorphic Dexterous Hand, Metamorphic Walking Robots, Medical and Rehabilitation Robots, Bionic Robots, Reconfigurable Mechanisms, Parallel Mechanisms
Innovation and System Integration Design of Lower Mobility Parallel Mechanisms
Based on linear algebra and screw theory, basic theories and methods of the topological synthesis, unified parameter modeling and performance evaluation for lower mobility parallel mechanisms which contain redundant actuation / overconstrained / metamorphic kinematic pair has been studied. The screw system theory of metamorphic mechanisms has been established by using the efficient algorithm of solving reciprocal screw systems of the different orders.
Workspace, Manipulability and Dexterity Research of the Multifingered Metamorphic Hand
Set the comprehensive mathematical model of the metamorphic hand. Research the mapping relationship between the topological space of the palm and the snatch gesture of multiple fingers. Analyze the influence of metamorphic palm on the operating availability and dexterity. Conquer the structure optimization and parametric design of the metamorphic hand. Then set the analysis indicators of comprehensive performance and the design criteria.