It is a kind of novel and unique engineering structures, which can be packaged for transportation and expanded for use. Planar or spatial mechanisms are used to form the deployable assemblies. Compared to the deformable structures, such structural mechanisms are strain-free during deployment,  extra stiff and reliable.

Deployable Structures Deployable Structure Deployable Structure

Reconfigurable mechanisms

A mechanism‘s configuration can be manipulated with multiple operation modes to fulfill   multiple tasks based on a sole mechanism. Such mechanism, which can change its configuration during operation, is normally so-called the reconfigurable mechanism.

Reconfigurable Mechanisms


Rigid Origami

Rigid origami structures i.e., mechanisms composed of rigid facets connected by rotational hinges, thus can be built from rigid or thick material. They are used for a wide variety of deployable structures without relying on flexible materials, such as satellite antenna, solar panel, energy absorbing structures, shelters, etc.

Rigid OrigamiRigid Origami