Binbin Gao
Gao Binbin
Former Student (Master)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Room: Room 120A, Building 37
Phone: -

Academic Qualifications:


Bachelor of Engineering    Changchun University of Science and Technology    Mechanical and Electronic Engineering


Master Student    Tianjin University    Mechanical Engineering


Research Interests:                                                           

Reconfigurable Mechanism:
Specifically: Morphing Wing Aircraft
My research direction is the morphing wing aircraft. Recently, there has been a trend in developing morphing airborne structures to positively affect the aerodynamics, flight performance and stability of aircraft. My work is to apply motion structure on aircraft in order to make it change its gesture to accomplish different tasks.


1. Binbin Gao, Rongjie Kang, and Yan Chen, Deployable mechanism design for span morphing wing aircraft, Proceeding of the 4th IFToMM Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science, Guangzhou, China, December 15-17, 2016. (DOI:10.1007/978-981-10-2875-5_66)

Subject Prize:                                                           

2012.07 Get the first prize in The National College Mechanical Innovation Competition.
2014.01 Get the authorization of a national invention patent