Xiaolei Guo
Guo Xiaolei
Former Student (Master)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: xiaoleiguo@tju.edu.cn
Room: 501, Engineering Trainning Building
Phone: ---

Research Interest and Direction

  1. Compliant Mechanisms and Application of MEMS
  2. Theory of Mechanism
  3. Robotics

Subject Prize

  1. 2011.06 The Second Session of the National College Students' Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition the Third Prize
  2. 2011.03 The First Engineering Training Students' Overall Ability of Competition in Yunnan Province the Second Prize
  3. 2011.10 The Fifth Central South University Mechanical Innovation Design Competition the Third Prize
  4. 2011.06 Kunming University of Science and Technology the Sixth Session of College Students' Mathematical Modeling Competition the First Prize