Yuanqing Gu
Ph.D. student
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: guyuanqing@tju.edu.cn
Room: Room 120A, Building 37
Phone: ---

Academic Qualifications:


PhD student, Mechanical Engineering Major, Tianjin university


Master, Mechanical Engineering Major, Tianjin university


Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering and Automation Major, Yanshan University


Research Interests:                                                           

1. Deployable structure: design method and kinematics characteristics of single degree of freedom (DOF) polyhedron transformation structure based on the compatibility conditions of multi-loop linkages.
2. Rigid origami structure: design of new crease pattern and kinematic analysis of equivalent spherical linkage networks.

Academic Achievements:                                                           

Journal Articles:
  • Gu Y, Chen Y. Deployable origami polyhedrons with one-DOF radial motion, Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2023, 184: 105393.
  • Ouyang H#, Gu Y#, Gao Z, Hu L, Zhang Z, Ren J, Li B, Sun J, Chen Y, Ding X. Kirigami-inspired thermal regulator. Physical Review Applied, 2023, 19(1): L011001. (Jointed first authors)
  • Sadiq A#, Gu Y#, Luo Y, Chen Y, Ma K. A gain-enhanced reconfigurable radiation array with mechanically driven system and directive elements. Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering, 2022, 17(4): 60. (Jointed first authors)
  • Gu Y, Wei G, Chen Y. Thick-panel origami cube. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2021, 164: 104411.
  • Gu Y, Chen Y. Origami cubes with one-DOF rigid and flat foldability. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 2020, 207: 250-261.
  • Chen Y, Gu Y. Review on origami kinematics. Advances in Mechanics, 2023, 53(1): 1-44. (Chinese journal)
    Conference Proceedings:
  • Gu Y,Chen Y. Constraint reduction in the assembly of Bricard linkage. Proceeding of the 5th Deployable Space Structure Conference, December 2022, Xian, China.
  • Gu Y, Chen Y. One-DOF origami boxes with rigid and flat foldability. In: Khang, N.V., Hoang, N.Q., Ceccarelli, M. (eds) 7th IFToMM Conference on Asian Mechanism and Machine Science, 16-18 December 2021, Hanoi, Vietnam. (Best Student Paper Silver Award)
  • Gu Y, Chen Y. One-DOF origami cubes. Proceeding of the 4th Deployable Space Structure Conference, December 2020, Harbin, China.