Wenrui Liu
Master Student
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: wenrui_liu@tju.edu.cn
Room: Room 120A, Building 37
Phone: ---

Academic Qualifications:


Master, Mechanical Engineering Major, Tianjin university


Bachelor,Mechanical Designing, Manufacturing and Automation Major, Tianjin university


Research Interests:                                                           

Origami robots
Origami engineering has drawn increasing interest as a novel interdisciplinary subject since the beginning of this century with the wide application of origami structures in engineering fields.Rigid origami,an important branch of origami,has been used to design engineering structures since it has no strain in the facets during the deployment.Due to its excellent folding properties,rigid origami structures are also adopted in the design of robots,contributing to the generation of origami robots.Origami robots that combine advantages of both origami structures and robots have become a new trend for the development of origami engineering.