Rui Peng
Former PhD Student

Peng Rui


Mechanical Engineering
Room: Room 120A, Building 37
Phone: ---

Research Interests: 

1. Deployable Structure
2. Network of Spherical 4R linkages
3. Rigid Origami

Personal Interests: 

1. Travelling
2. Skidding

Journal Paper: 

1. Chen Y, Peng R, You Z, Origami of thick panels, Science, 349 (2015) 396-400. (

Conference Paper: 

1. Chen Y, Peng R, The Metamaterial Generated from Rigid-origami Pattern, Origami 6 (2014)


1. Chen Y, Peng R and Tian PL, Foldable Bars Frame Structure,CN103089063,Invention Patent,2013.02.16.


    My main major is Mechanical Engineering and the second major is Computer Science in Tianjin University. I have got my two Bachelor's Degrees in 2012.06 and is still a bachelor now. From 2012.09, I start my research work in the field of deployable structures. Deployable structures are structures that have the ability to transform themselves from a small closed or folded configuration to a much larger or deployed configuration, so that they have a compact form for, e.g., transportation or storage, but can then expanded for their final use. My main target is to find a useful network of spherical 4R linkages which is a kind of deployable structure.
    Origami is a technology which can efficiently fold a large scale surface to a much smaller one. According to the relationship between network of spherical 4R linkages and rigid origami, the rigid origami patterns are actually the network of spherical 4R linkages in the view of mechanism engineers, so rigid origami is also a area of my research.