Runping Xu
Xu Runping
Former Student (Master)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Room: Room 124, Building 37
Phone: ---

Academic Qualifications:


Master Student    Tianjin University    Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor, Mechanical Design and Automation Major, Tianjin university


Research Interests:                                                           

Specifically: Deployable structure
Based on origami structure and plate structure, deployable structures used in small satellite can be designed. And In order to control, the degree of freedom should be reduced.



1. Chen Y, Xu R, Kang R.,A kind of foldable four prism frame,Application Number: 201620670634.2, Chinese Invention, 2016.11.18.
2. Chen Y, Xu R, Kang R.,A kind of foldable six prism frame,Application Number:201620670706.3, Chinese Invention, 2016.11.18.