Yi Zhang
Ph.D. student
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: zhang_yi@tju.edu.cn
Room: Room 120A, Building 37
Phone: ---

Academic Qualifications:


Tianjin University, Mechanical Engineering, PHD Student


Nanjing Tech University, Civil Engineering, Master


Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Bachelor


Research Interests:                                                           

Origami metamaterials, Auxetic metamaterials, Mechanical metamaterials

Academic Achievements:                                                           

1. Zhang Y, Ren X*, Zhang XY, Huang TT, Sun L, Xie YM. A novel buckling-restrained brace with auxetic perforated core: Experimental and numerical studies. Engineering Structures. 2021, 249: 113223.
2. Zhang Y, Sun L, Ren X*, Zhang XY, Tao Z, Xie YM. Design and analysis of an auxetic metamaterial with tuneable stiffness. Composite Structures. 2021, 281: 114997.
3. Zhang Y, Ren X*, Han D, Cheng X, Jiang W, Zhang XG, et al. Static and dynamic properties of a perforated metallic auxetic metamaterial with tunable stiffness and energy absorption. International Journal of Impact Engineering. 2022, 164: 104193.  
4. Zhang Y, Ren X*, Jiang W, Han D, Zhang XY, Pan Y, et al. In-plane compressive properties of assembled auxetic chiral honeycomb composed of 3D printed wave plate. Material & Design. 2022, 221: 110956.